I am not that girl.

I have never been that girl.  Nor could I ever be that girl. That girl who everyone just loves. That girl who gets all the attention from guys in the bar, the guys I want to notice me. That girl who finds herself constantly surrounded by people, the one who is never alone. I suppose I was never really… Continue reading I am not that girl.

How to Save a Life.

When I admit that I am ill, then something is wrong. For the last couple of weeks, I have been very ill. A few nights ago probably being the worst I have felt in a long time.  As I have admitted in the past, I struggle with intrusive thoughts.  Thoughts that are very hard to… Continue reading How to Save a Life.

A Selfie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

I’m trying something new – taking a selfie every single day for the next 100 days and posting it on one form of social media or another

Why not huh? It’ll be interesting.  And it’ll document my mood changes etc for myself.

My plan is to make myself more confident in myself and to encourage me to smile more often.  Today’s selfie, we’ll call the “grumpy” selfie, made me realise that this wee challenge was a good idea.  I definitely do not smile enough and I probably should smile just a little more often.

Self image is a big thing to me, I hate when others put themselves down and I’m always so quick to pick them back up again.  I never extend the same courtesy to myself though, so this will be a big turning point for me. I genuinely believe that by making a concious effort to be more happy, my mental state will improve greatly and in turn lessen my trips to the doctor.

This is just a short and sweet post to mark the start of the next 100 days for me. I’ll post a review on here at the end of the 100 days, to reflect and see what difference it makes to myself, but I’m hoping that it’s gonna be a bit of fun and something silly I can look back on in the future.

If aren’t already, make sure to follow me on all the socials so we can be bffs and you can see my face 100 different times.



Dear Intruder…

Dear bane of my very existence, dear omnipresent, crippling frenemy and constant companion… I remember the first time we met.  I will never forget the moment you took over my life and I remember every time you grace me with your presence. For now, you define my life.  You get to say where, when, how… Continue reading Dear Intruder…

How to Explain the Unexplainable

We all get a bit down sometimes.  Sometimes, there is a reason.  And sometimes, there just isn’t. Work, money, relationships, the news… They can all make us feel a bit crap from time to time and its totally normal, but when you start to feel “meh” all the time, or more often than not, then… Continue reading How to Explain the Unexplainable

Depression is the New Black?

So… I found this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1278510/Depression-Its-just-new-trendy-illness.html I am furious. The Mail makes me angry on a pretty constant basis but this must be a joke, surely? To be fair, I’ve never exactly been Janet Street-Porter’s biggest fan either. How DARE she. How dare she try to categorise people with this illness. How very, very dare she… Continue reading Depression is the New Black?